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Greta Celeste Gerwig rose to fame on the 'mainstream' scene when in 2018 she stole attention at the Oscars by winning a statuette for 'Lady Bird', a love letter to Sacramento, her hometown and for which she professes great affection

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Greta took her first steps in the cinema with teachers like Woody Allen in ‘To Rome with love’, but the revolution that the aforementioned film gave her was what made her one of the favorites of the United States cinema. The film has autobiographical overtones since like her protagonist, she left Sacramento to study in New York.

She won the Oscar for Best Director and the Golden Globe for Best Comedy and with her next film, ‘Little Women’ in 2019, she jumped to another dimension by adapting this acclaimed work to the 21st-century cinema at a cost that included Laura Dern, Emma Watson and Florence Pugh, nominated by the Academy for her role as ‘Amy.’

Gerwig will soon premiere “Barbie” about the popular doll.

Although she lives in New York with her husband Noah Baumbach and their son Harold Ralph, Greta adores her California background and the quiet life in the West. In addition, inspired by the atmosphere of both worlds, she gives her films a touch that makes them addictive with her witty sense of humor, character development, and almost nostalgic warmth that accompanies her atmosphere.

In women’s month, it’s worth checking out Gerwig’s filmography, if you don’t know her you’re in for a pleasant surprise and possibly your next favorite female director.

Our recommendation:

-Lady Bird (2017)
-Little Women (2019)
-Barbie (to be released this summer)


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