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California is an important part of the history of cinema and Sacramento has also been an important setting for stories to remember.

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The month of film awards has begun with the delivery of great recognition to the best films of 2022. From the Grammys to the BAFTAs, before the Oscars, the movies that marked a before and after being here. California is an important part of the history of cinema and Sacramento has also been an important setting for stories to remember. We leave you three of them so that you never stop loving the seventh art. 

Lady Bird (2017) 

A love letter to Sacramento tells the story of a young woman who moves to Northern California to live in her last year of university. She dreams of the Eastern United States, far from ‘boring Sacramento’, but as the story progresses, the city becomes another character with its blueprints to its great attractions, to the daily life of a place where the greats do not live. stars, there is no Bahia, nor the bustle of the big cities on the other side of the country. But it leaves beautiful teachings, there is nothing like leaving to value a place, ‘Lady Bird’ has that magic. As one day Kundera captured it in Prague, as Oz did with Jerusalem or as Murakami and Tokyo. 

Our city has been the protagonist of several film stories. Photo: Josh Hild

The Pink Cadillac (1989) 

Clint Eastwood knows how to be rude, serious, and violent, but he also knows how to be funny in his own style. This film is perhaps one of the most forgotten and criticized in the career of this legendary actor since its experimental tone between action and comedy was not well received by some sectors. In this film, Clint is an agent chasing a woman who drives a pink Cadillac, but as the minutes go by we see a dramatic turn that will take the protagonists from the beautiful planes of Sacramento to Las Vegas and their crazy life. 

A walk in the clouds (1994) 

Before The Matrix, Keanu Reeves starred in this romantic film that takes place in Sacramento after World War II. An adventure between a veteran and a young Mexican-American who goes through family dramas, extramarital affairs, and the memory of California in the 40s give color to this film in which the Mexican ‘Chivo’ Lubezki took the picture, a year before his first Oscar nomination.


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