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The Hispanic Community: One of the Drivers of the American Economy

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With one in five Americans being of Latino origin, the Latin American and Spanish-speaking community represent a large percentage of the total population of the United States. That is why our contribution has been fundamental for the development of our country, being today one of the communities that has contributed the most value to the growth of our economy.

Why are we a fundamental part of its growth?

Despite the stereotypical model of Hispanics who dedicate themselves to being gangsters and criminals, the reality is that the Hispanic community represents one of the most hard-working in the entire country, which we can see reflected in the various areas of education, health, construction and agriculture, not to mention those who work in the security forces or work in the commercial or customer side, who add value to the development of the economy and the well-being of the lives of all citizens.
With a predisposition to work so characteristic of our countries of origin, our culture and responsibility have greatly benefited the growth of the economy of this excellent country, creating a relationship of mutual benefit.


Our entrepreneurial talent

Despite the challenge of accessing a bank loan as a foreigner, Hispanic entrepreneurs have always managed to get by with what little we have had to get ahead and carry out incredible businesses.
That’s why 4.3 million US businesses are managed by Hispanic owners, making us one of the most entrepreneurial groups in the entire United States.


The impact of educational training

While a few years ago it was difficult to access jobs that required a higher education, today we can find many professionals of Hispanic origin who contribute to the development of society, who contribute their bit by paying their taxes.


Projections for the year 2060

According to the Census Bureau, one in three residents is expected to be Hispanic by 2060. Those of us who were once considered a minority are today a fundamental piece in the US economic gear.


Unity is strength

With a huge desire to work and get ahead, Hispanics have made our way through all the obstacles to be part of the development of the United States.
Thanks to our union, we have not only helped make this beautiful nation, but it has helped us to have a space where we can use our skills, so we can affirm that we have managed to achieve together some of the goals. that by themselves they would have been impossible for us.
That is why this Hispanic Heritage Month is an excellent opportunity to remember our contribution to this nation, and in turn, give it its deserved recognition.
Because we are not just a part of the United States. We are the United States, and our union has transformed us into an incredible nation.


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