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Still don't have your costume? You can't go trick-or-treating without it!

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Still don’t have your costume? You can’t go trick-or-treating without it! If you don’t have ideas about what you’re going to wear this year, we’ll leave you with some costume suggestions, from the scary to the funny, so you can catch everyone’s attention this Halloween! 

King (Star Wars)

The great Jedi warrior is without a doubt one of the most popular costumes. Dress up as Rey with this kit that includes all of her clothing. All you need is the hairstyle and you’re ready to destroy the First Order!

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Who doesn’t like dinosaurs? This Trex costume will be a great shell to show off your worst dance moves on the floor…. Everyone will love you even if you are the worst dancer at the party! It can be used by any adult.

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A Halloween classic. This witch costume kit comes with the amazing dress, the necessary hat and some terrifying nails! Strengthen the look with makeup and scare the whole street!

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Means of transportation or disguise? HAHA This costume will certainly give something to talk about! It is very simple to use and requires nothing more than a great personality on top of it!

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Mr Potato face

Become Mr. Potato Head with this amazing quick and simple costume of one of our favorite characters (and toys)… They also have Mrs. Potato Head! 

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