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During the summer, children need to rest, play and take advantage of the holidays to do family activities. Today we give you these activities that you can do together this summer (inside or outside the city). Take note!

Aprovecha las vacaciones para acercarte a tus hijos con actividades

Being a tourist in your own city

What better time to get to know your own city than summer? Give them a camera and play at being tourists in those places that they pass daily but never visit. They can be a museum, a park or some historical place. If there is a tour or a tourist bus in your city, it is the perfect time to take a walk.

Make a dessert or meal together

They can help you make dinner that day or make a delicious dessert. Let them help you with some parts of the recipe, maybe they hold the spoon or break an egg. It is a perfect opportunity to search for easy and delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy.

To camp

Summer is ideal for leaving home and camping; it can be in some special place or in the patio of your house. It’s always a great plan to leave home and spend it with family. Grab your sleeping bag and your lamp and go out and have fun!

Board games are a long and bonding activity (even if someone doesn’t like to lose!)

have a picnic

If yours is not sleeping away from home, a picnic is the best option for you. It can be in a park, on a beach or in your backyard. They can bring a kite or a ball to have some fun. On the beach they can build a sand castle or swim… Don’t forget your lifeguards!

Movie at home

Creating a home theater is a simple and fun family activity; you can set it up in the garden (with a projector) or in the living room. Grab your pillows, popcorn and enjoy this summer with a good movie.

family board games

How about a board game marathon? You can organize game days at night, like Monopoly Thursday or Twister Monday. invite friends or more family and don’t be mad if you lose!


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