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Seduction, Hollywood style

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Seduction, Hollywood style

Alas, your better half is determined to watch one of her favourite romantic movies (for the umpteenth time) on Valentine’s Day with you. But why on earth do women love Ro­meo and Juliet stories so much? It’s simple: the hero falls madly in love with the heroine! In other words, the plot covers everything that’s required to ignite the fla­mes of love in the fair sex.

This year, why not try something playful? Make the dreams of your loved one come true by inviting her to re-enact one of the famous love scenes that make her sigh with envy. To make it even more realistic, obtain all the necessary accessories for the scene and learn some of the seductive lines that she’ll love to respond to — after all, chances are that she knows them by heart!

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Johnny and Baby’s dance in Dirty Dancing
  • ­­Sam and Molly’s pottery session in Ghost
  • A huge shopping spree like Edward and Vivian’s in Pretty Woman
  • Peter and Mary Jane’s upside down kiss in Spider Man
  • Noah and Allie’s passionate reunion in The Notebook
  • Rhett and Scarlett’s game of seduction in Gone with the Wind
  • The refrigerator scene between John and Elizabeth in 9 1/2 Weeks
  • Practically any scene with Jack and Rose in Titanic
  • A Brad Pitt movie, such as Thelma and Louise

Other film suggestions:

Moulin Rouge, Out of Africa, Love Story, Love Actually, When Harry met Sally, Top Gun, The Bri­dges of Madison County, The En­glish Pa­tient, and Doctor Zhivago.


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