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The Netflix and Prime content for November 2022 has been revealed!

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Netflix and Prime content for November 2022 has been revealed! The November 2022 schedule includes titles like 1899, Blockbuster, Dead to Me Season 3, The Dragon Prince Season 4, Elite Season 6, Enola Holmes 2, Manifest Season 4 Part 1, Slumberland, and much more!

The Crown

From Wednesday, November 9, Netflix

The House of Windsor bears witness to the collapse of the USSR and the controversial marriage of Charles and Diana that culminated in the princess’s death in her infamous car accident in Paris in 1997.


Starting Friday, November 11, Prime Video

In his first major acting role since retiring from the talk show Late Late, James Corden stars as Jamie, a chef who discovers some strange truths.


Starting Friday, November 11, Prime Video

Emily Blunt jumps on the western craze with this series that Prime Video describes as a “Western chase.” Blunt plays an English aristocrat who finds herself teaming up with a Pawnee scout as her quests for revenge intertwine. 


From Thursday, November 17, Netflix

From the creators of Dark comes this new series. Filled with hope for a better future, passengers aboard a ship bound for the New World are plunged into a nightmare when they find a second ship adrift on the open sea.

The year is ending but there is still much to see! Photo: Pixabay

November TV Calendar Highlights

Nov. 1
Young Royals Season 2 (Netflix)

Nov. 3
Blockbuster (Netflix)
Killer Sally (Netflix)

Nov. 4
Buying Beverly Hills (Netflix)
Enola Holmes 2 (Netflix)
The Fabulous (Netflix)
Manifest Season 4 Part 1 (Netflix)
My Policeman (Prime Video)

Nov. 7
Behind Every Star (Netflix)

Nov. 8
Neil Brennan: Blocks (Netflix)

Nov. 9
The Crown Season 5 (Netflix)
FIFA Uncovered (Netflix)

Nov. 10
Falling for Christmas (Netflix)
State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith (Netflix)
Warrior Nun Season 2 (Netflix)

Nov. 11
Capturing the Killer Nurse (Netflix)
Dive (La Caída) (Prime Video)
Down to Earth With Zac Efron: Down Under (Netflix)
The English (Prime Video)
Is That Black Enough for You?!? (Netflix)
Mammals (Prime Video)
My Father’s Dragon (Netflix)

Nov. 14
Stutz (Netflix)
Teletubbies (Netflix)

Nov. 15
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous: Hidden Adventure (Netflix)
Run for the Money (Netflix)

Nov. 16
In Her Hands (Netflix)
The Wonder (Netflix)

Nov. 17
1899 (Netflix)
Christmas With You (Netflix)
Dead to Me Season 3 (Netflix)
I Am Vanessa Guillen (Netflix)
Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? (Netflix)

Nov. 18
Elite Season 6 (Netflix)
The Great British Baking Show: Holidays (Netflix)
Inside Job Season 2 (Netflix)
The People We Hate at the Wedding (Prime Video)
Slumberland (Netflix)

Nov. 22
Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would (Netflix)

Nov. 23
Good Night Oppy (Prime Video)
The Swimmers (Netflix)
Taco Chronicles: Cross the Border (Netflix)
Wednesday (Netflix)

Nov. 24
First Love (Netflix)
The Noel Diary (Netflix)

Nov. 30
My Name Is Vendetta (Netflix)


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