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Including Music in Your Holiday Traditions

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Including Music in Your Holiday Traditions

(StatePoint) Music is powerful. Here is how to include music in your holiday celebrations to set a joyful, festive mood and help create happy family memories.

1. Whistle while you work: Decking the halls shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a fun holiday tradition. Create a playlist of all your favorite carols, old standards and pop-infused holiday hits. As you adorn the tree, decorate the cookies and hang the stockings, pop on your playlist to fill the house with your personalized sounds of the season.

2. Create your own music: With more time off from school and work and a treasure trove of seasonal music to draw inspiration from, this can actually be the ideal time of year to take up a new instrument or embark on music lessons. For beginners, consider a Castiotone. User-friendly and created with the goal of making music fun for players of all abilities, it connects to the Chordana Play App, which offers interactive, at home, beginner piano lessons. Plus the keyboard features built-in Christmas carols, perfect for sing-alongs! And because it’s portable, you can “gather round the piano” wherever you spend the holidays.

3. Go caroling: Caroling is one of best ways to spread holiday cheer among neighbors and members of your community. Organize friends and family to join you. You may even consider turning your efforts into a fundraiser for a local charity or a music-related nonprofit such as Music & Memory, which helps individuals with cognitive and physical conditions engage with the world and ease pain through their favorite music.

4. Attend a performance: From “The Nutcracker” to “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” there are many classic holiday performances staged at theaters all around the country. Enjoy a live show or watch your favorite seasonal musicals at home.

Through the power of listening and creating your own music, you can fill your seasonal traditions with joy and make happy holiday memories that last for years to come.


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