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In seduction mode

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In seduction mode

Pay attention to body language

If Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, it is also a time for seduction. And, unless you’re a real Casanova, it’s not always easy to seduce a person you like. The first step is to be able to recognize the intentions and desires of the other person. Here is a short lesson in what body language experts call “synergology”.

Signs of interest

  •  Having dilated pupils
  •  Looking straight into the eyes of the other person
  •  Chewing on the lower lip, or moistening it with the tongue
  •  Smiling spontaneously or laughing wholeheartedly
  •  Playing with the hair (a woman), lifting it into a bun
  •  Putting a hand on the nape of the neck or casually touching an earlobe
  •  Caressing the inside of the arm or the torso
  •  Placing the hands on the hips
  •  Holding the hands open towards the other person
  •  Leaning slightly towards the other person, in a sitting position

Signs of hesitation

  •  Having constricted pupils (boredom)
  •  Looking away regularly during the conversation (lack of interest)
  •  Crossing the arms, legs, or ankles (mistrust/resistance)
  •  Unconsciously touching the edge of the mouth with the index finger (uncertainty)
  •  Placing hair behind the ears (caution)
  •  Scratching the earlobe (preoccupied)
  •  Scratching the nose (lies)


What is synergology?

This discipline involves analyzing the small movements of the face and body as a way to interpret a person’s underlying emotions. It can be a very useful analysis, considering that more than 50 percent of inter-personal communications are non-verbal.


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