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Winter brings its weather, holidays and Christmas. With Christmas comes expenses, expenses, expenses! Between gifts, parties, debts, etc. saving becomes a very complicated task. Good news. It is possible to spend less! El Avisador brings you these tips so that you really have a prosperous 2023!

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Plan before you spend!

Budgeting will not only help you limit your spending, but you’ll also know exactly what you need and how much it will cost to help reduce financial anxiety.

Keep track of your expenses

Once you’ve established a budget, tracking your spending means you’re less likely to overspend. Whether using a computer, app, or spreadsheet, choose a system that works for you.

Make ‘family gifts’ or a secret Santa

If you have a lot of people to give gifts to, such as family and groups of friends, suggesting a Secret Santa is a great way to keep costs down. A large box of chocolates, a tin of cookies or candy, or a board game can make a great family gift instead of buying individual gifts.

Second-hand purchase

Buying someone a second-hand gift used to be a bit frowned upon, but not anymore! Buying second-hand is more sustainable and you can find some treasures.

It seems difficult, but it is possible to spend little these holidays! Photo: Cottonbro Studio

Avoid ‘buy now, pay later’

As tempting as these offers are, try to avoid them unless you have a plan in place to pay off the loan within the interest-free period. Otherwise, after the 0% phase ends, you’ll be charged an aggressive interest rate, and that new couch, computer, or TV could end up costing you much more.

Be smart with deliveries

Paying supermarket delivery fees can really cost. A delivery subscription, where you pay a fee in advance for deliveries from your favorite supermarket, can be cheaper. 

Don’t lose your head over sales

The golden rule of sales is: It’s only a bargain if you were to buy it anyway! In the rush of deals on Black Friday (November 25) and Cyber ​​Monday (November 28), try to resist impulse purchases.

Use incognito mode

When you shop online, cookies stored on your computer mean that retailers know what items you saw and can raise their prices. Using incognito mode prevents them from being able to do this; Plus, it prevents items you’ve viewed from appearing as ads and ruining the surprise if your family uses your computer.


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