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Doing housework is sometimes heavy, that's why we give you these tips to keep your house clean

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In order to keep your house clean, the best ally is going to be “don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today”, don’t let dirt accumulate, otherwise, the task will become more exhausting.

Make your bed, this makes a big difference to start the day. Seeing that you have a made bed will help you have a clean environment, and you will feel less exhausted when you arrive home with a well-made bed. It doesn’t take us more than five minutes to pull down our comforter.

Wash dishes right after every meal. Every day that you don’t do it, they accumulate and it makes us lazier to carry out that task. This task has to be done and what better way to do it after each meal without letting it accumulate in the sink.

With this activity, you can also rearrange the kitchen a bit, put away clean dishes, put food in the refrigerator or accommodate the utensils that we use during the meal.

Remember that cleaning the house is everyone’s responsibility. Photo: Ketut Subiyato

Clean the fridge. Opening it and seeing that it is dirty causes us a lot of discomforts, so we must do this task at least twice a week. Check foods that are expired or smell bad and finally pass a damp cloth everywhere so that there are no odors.

Ventilating our rooms is essential so that they do not keep odors. It is enough to only open the window for about 15 minutes a day and finally add an aroma such as a candle or humidifier. 

Another tip is to never let clothes accumulate. As soon as the clothes are clean and dry, you have to fold them and put them away, because your clothes can get dirty again or wrinkled. 


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