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How to Highlight Our Hispanic Heritage in Fashion

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Is there a person who does not like to be well dressed? We are sure not! That is why the arrival of Hispanic Heritage Month represents a great opportunity to bring out the colors of our country, and show on our skin what we have always carried inside. A love for our culture.

Wearing our traditional garments

If there is something that defines Hispanic countries, it is the adoption of colorful and striking garments, which add great aesthetic value to our clothing, and reflect the history of our art and culture.
From the typical Cuban robe used in their festivities and celebrations, or the charro costume that acts as a reflection of the working and peasant roots of Mexico, to the traditional Nicaraguan clothing used in the traditional dances of the region, there are many ways to give to know the cultural love that characterizes us Spanish speakers so much, fashion being one of the most powerful of them.


Bringing out our creativity

Designing our own clothes with our family can be an excellent way to enjoy these festivities, helping us to connect with our ancestors while enjoying the company of our loved ones. Because culture is not only about the past, but also about our present.


Connecting with our music

One of the best ways to highlight our Hispanic heritage is by listening to and dressing the culture of our country. Each Hispanic country has a very rich history behind its songs, which can be seen reflected in the clothes used in their dances and festivities, as we can see in the beauty of Spanish flamenco. Folkloric clothing represents the costumes that give our peoples cultural identity.

Wearing these clothes allows us to show the pride we feel in our roots, and share it with the members of our community, while having a good time.

Wearing the colors of our people

If there is a more beautiful feeling than being part of our country, it is to carry it in our body. That is why in this Hispanic Heritage Month we want to invite you to wear the colors of your country, and carry the flag of your people.
A great way to do this without affecting our work lives (after all, there are areas in which we must keep a little more reserved with our clothing, unless we want to become the first lawyers to serve their clients with the shirt de México) is combining our garments with the colors of the flag of our people.
For example, a Chilean woman could combine a red shirt with blue jeans and white shoes. The limits only exist in your imagination! Try to bring out that creative side.
From El Avisador, we wish you a happy Hispanic Heritage Month, and we hope to see you wearing the culture of your country, to add beauty to the cities of the United States!




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