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Back to school essentials

We have the list of everything that your children cannot miss on this return to school

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We have a list of everything that your children cannot miss on this return to school. Take note!


To start this school year, your child cannot miss any of their favorite school supplies, there are many brands and prices.

Buy crayons here

Buy pens here

Buy gliders here


Where to put your school supplies? Nothing better than carrying a backpack that represents all your style, your favorite character or color. We leave you our most popular selection of backpacks.

Buy ruby ​​backpack for girls here

Buy Buzz Lightyear backpack here

Buy Justice Girls backpack here

Buy dinosaur backpack here

Not everything is solved with the computer! Photo: Karolina Grabowska


Apart from the backpack, the lunch box is something important for this return to school. Look for the ideal one for all the snacks that your children carry and that has a way to keep their food warm. Here are some of our recommendations:

Buy metal lunchbox here

Buy thermal lunch box here


Since you have everything you need to take to study, we want to give you some recommendations of some sneakers that cannot be missing in your look for this return to school. They combine with everything and at a good price.

Buy look for boy here

Buy girl look here

There is also a way to find your school supply list at Walmart , with the zip code and name of the school so that your child has all the items that their teachers required. 

Photo: Max Fischer


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