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7 things on your car you should check in spring

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After a long, cold winter, you should inspect your vehicle and make sure it’s in good condition. Here are seven things to check.

1. Tires
Before installing your summer tires, assess the tread depth. If it’s less than 6/32 inches, invest in a new set. Once your summer tires are installed, inflate them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Additionally, inspect your winter tires before storing them. If the wear is uneven, visit a mechanic for an alignment check.

2. Fluids
Depending on when your car was last serviced and the number of miles you drove over the winter, you may need to change the oil. Additionally, top up the coolant, brake fluid and windshield washer fluids.

3. Filters
Determine if the engine or cabin air filter is clogged with dirt. If so, clean or replace them.

4. Air conditioning
Don’t wait until there’s a heatwave to ensure your air conditioning system is working.

5. Windshield wipers
If applicable, swap your winter wiper blades for summer ones. Additionally, if your windshield wipers are cracked and worn, invest in a new set.

6. Bodywork
After thoroughly washing your vehicle, check for rust. If you notice any corrosion, repair it immediately.

7. Cabin and trunk
Clean the interior of your car, and make sure to organize your emergency kit, put away seasonal items and replace anything that’s outdated in your first aid kit.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to schedule a full inspection with your mechanic to ensure your car didn’t suffer any damage over the winter.


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