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6 tips for consuming less at home

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Responsible consumption reduces waste and limits greenhouse gas emissions. Here are six tips for consuming less in your daily life.

1. Limit or avoid plastic packaging as much as possible by buying in bulk and opting for sustainable or reusable products over single-use ones.

2. Reduce your carbon footprint by buying local products, eating less meat and purchasing eco-certified seafood whenever possible.

3. Purchase energy-efficient appliances and invest in a heating system that uses renewable energy.

4. Save water by taking five-minute showers and using rainwater for outdoor maintenance, including watering your garden.

5. Perform renovations that improve the energy efficiency of your home like installing new insulation and triple-paned windows. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your ventilation ducts is also a good idea.

6. Unplug electronics like your TV and computer when they’re not in use to prevent phantom loads.

To find the products you need to consume responsibly, visit your local stores.


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