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5 trendy wedding colors for 2022

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If you’re planning a wedding but still undecided about what color scheme to use, consider choosing a hue that’s in vogue in 2022. Here are five trending wedding colors.

1. Egg-yolk yellow
This vibrant and energetic shade is perfect for summer weddings. It goes great with white, gray, light pink and black.

2. Terracotta pink
This vintage shade of pink will add a touch of romance to your big day. It’s a delicate color that can be paired with other pastels like blue, yellow and pearl gray.

3. Denim blue
Denim is a versatile color that’s suitable for any season. It can be combined with just about any shade.

4. Mint green
Add a fresh twist to your wedding day with mint green. Pair this color with black to create a modern look or pastel pink for a whimsical feel.

5. Black
Black is chic and can be incorporated into your decor as either an accent shade or focal point. It’s both contemporary and timeless and can make bright colors pop. When combined with gold and silver, black adds elegance and refinement.

To make your celebration a success, consider hiring a professional wedding planner.



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