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4 ways to update your flooring

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Restoring or replacing flooring is a great way to refresh your home’s look. Here are four ways you can update your floors.

1. Refinish it
If your floor looks a little worse for wear, refinishing it is an affordable solution. Depending on its condition, you may need to sand, varnish, stain or repair cracks to make the floor look new again.

2. Paint it
You can paint over most types of flooring. For example, wood flooring is particularly easy to paint. Just make sure you choose a suitable product for the type of surface and level of traffic in the room.

3. Replace it
If your floor is beyond repair, replacing it may be your only option. However, make sure you choose a suitable floor type. For example, if you need to update your bathroom floor, choose a waterproof material like ceramic. Additionally, if you have pets, you may want to opt for a scratch-resistant flooring material like vinyl.

4. Decorate it
If your floor is in good condition, simply adding a rug or two can instantly transform your space. Choose a rug that’s the right size, style and color for the room.

If you don’t have any experience repairing or installing flooring, hire a professional.


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