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Want to create new healthy habits that stick? Although sometimes we succeed, sometimes we find obstacles.

To avoid the unexpected and achieve our goals, we must establish a new routine and stick to it. Follow these tips and you will succeed!

Decide what should be in the routine 

Do you want to exercise more or have more time for yourself? Prioritizing before you start is key!

Set small goals

Break each big goal into small goals. While tackling a big goal is exciting, it’s what sometimes leads to failure. If your overall goal is to eat healthier, start by changing one thing a day, every day, to build confidence. When you do, congratulate yourself!

Any routine requires perseverance! photo: Sora Shimazaki

Design a plan 

Start with one week at a time and start small, that way you can build on simple accomplishments. 

Be consistent with the time 

If you want to take a daily walk, try to do it at the same time every day. Completing your tasks first thing in the morning before you lose motivation allows you to enjoy the benefits all day. 

Be prepared 

When deciding on a new routine, make sure you have everything you need; this will make it easier to get started without delay. For example, if a new resolution is to clean the house every Saturday morning, make sure the vacuum is working properly.

Make it fun! 

Getting into a new routine and new goals isn’t always fun, but there are ways to make it fun. Find a workout buddy, get a good cleaning playlist, and try new cooking classes—anything that helps you enjoy it.

Progress tracking 

Create a visual calendar that you can cross off each day that you complete tasks. Most people don’t want to “break the chain” and see a missed day on their calendar.

Reward yourself

Once you’ve consistently fallen into a rut, reward yourself with something fun. For example, if your goal was to pick up the mess every night before bed, reward yourself with new slippers that you can enjoy while you clean the house.


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