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There are many documents required for tax returns, so make sure you have everything you need before preparing them. It's never too early to start gathering your tax documents!

* Gather all the documents related to the income obtained throughout 2022.

* Assemble forms supporting available deductions or tax credits related to health care, child care, education, and work expenses.

Personal documents

* Your social security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), as well as those of anyone who may be on your tax return, including your spouse if you are filing a joint return.

* Photo identification.

income documents

* W-2 forms from any employer you worked for in 2022.

* 1099 forms for any contract work you have completed if you earned more than $600 in total.

* Unemployment income or social security benefits.

* Income from prior year state and local tax returns.

* Income from any rental property you may own.

Better ahead than behind Photo: Pixabay

Income adjustment, credit, and deduction documents

* Copy of IRS letter 6475 for EIP (stimulus) payments

* Copy of IRS Letter 6419 providing the total amounts of the Advance Child Tax Credit payments made to you in 2022 (if applicable).

* Receipts for charitable donations.

* Active military moving expense receipts.

* Receipts for job search expenses.

* Records related to property loss or insurance claims from a federally declared disaster.

* Bank account and routing number if you want your refund directly deposited.

Other documents

* Contributions to a Medical Savings Account (MSA).

* Contributions to an IRA.

* Interests from investments, shares, or other assets.

* Costs related to child care (including provider’s tax identification number) or adoption.

* Costs related to education (1098-T and 1098-E).

* Costs related to home ownership (1098 for mortgage interest, property taxes, energy-saving improvements, or other expenses).

* Costs related to medical care from doctors, hospitals, or other providers.

* Form 1095-A for health insurance through the Marketplace Exchange, or 1095-B or -C for health insurance through another source.


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