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Four and a half years we had to wait for the most anticipated month for soccer fans to arrive. The World Cup started! So that you do not miss them, we share this list of the best matches that will take place in the first round

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For four and a half years we had to wait for the most anticipated month for soccer fans to arrive. The World Cup started! The elite of the most popular sport in the world gathers to defend the jersey of their team in search of achieving the greatest title. So that you do not miss them, we share this list of the best matches that will take place in the first round.

Belgium vs Canada (Nov. 23)

The Belgian team comes from making a great World Cup in large part due to its “golden generation” of footballers (K. De Bruyne, E. Hazard, T. Curtouis, R. Lukaku, etc.) who have achieved important titles in their respective clubs but that they have not managed to give a coup of authority with their selections. Contrary to the Canadian team, also an important time for their soccer. The maple leaf team made its return to the tournament this year after 36 years. In that World Cup, his participation was more of an anecdote; they lost all their matches and did not score a single goal. They don’t need much to have their best-ever performance, however, figures like Cyle Larin, Atiba Hutchinson, and Bayern Munich monster Alphonso Davies excite a nation that wants to grow in this sport.

Brazil vs Serbia (Nov. 24) 

Serbia would seem like an unknown quantity; being a “new” nation with a sporting history that dates back to the former Yugoslavia. However, in a short time they have managed to grow exponentially, something reflected in results at lower levels. Now they want to show that this is a solid team that aspires to be talked about in this championship. On the other side is Brazil: With Vinicius, Casemiro, Gabriel Jesús, and Neymar Jr. this team does not come for a walk, it comes as a serious candidate to win the cup.

England vs USA (Nov 25)

A match between two countries with a long history between them, although with a much more relevant football past on the English side. But, the American team cannot be ruled out; it is the best man-for-man selection in its history. If that weren’t enough, England has NEVER beaten the Americans in their previous two meetings. The team of the 3 lions has been one of the most regular in Europe in the last 4 years: in the last World Cup they reached the semifinals and, just a year ago in the Eurocup, they were one step away from glory, losing the final. This will be an even and spectacular battle! 

We already needed the World Cup! Photo: Ricardo

Argentina vs. Mexico (Nov. 26)

Vital match for the aspirations of both teams. Mexico is presented with one of its most criticized teams of the last World Cups. The low record of goals during qualifying, the mediocre moment of several flagship players, and the absence of some who could contribute a lot has the Mexican fans with very low expectations. Argentina has a date with history: Messi will surely play his last World Cup and he will not rest to be champion. On paper it would seem like a simple match for the albiceleste but, if Mexico has done something well in past world cups, it is to play like nobody else against the great teams.

France vs Denmark (Nov. 26)

The world champion seeks to repeat the title, something that has not happened in more than 50 years. The team they present defines them as one of the candidates to raise the cup. If their aspirations are real, they first have to get past the Danish National Team. It is a team that does not generate much expectation, but that is always united and a fighter. Denmark has not given blows of authority since that distant title of the Eurocup of 92, that is why they want to show that they have to fight for something greater. 

Germany vs. Spain (Nov 27)

It could well be an early final… the reality is that there are two teams in full reconstruction. Both teams bring their best youngsters, some already consolidated in the big teams of their important local leagues. However, lack of experience could be a negative factor. Be that as it may, we know that we will see very good football and we will discover how serious the campaigns of these teams are in the search for the world championship. 


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