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He is the top scorer for the Mexican national team in history, one of the fans' favorite players and, this year, he came close to becoming MLS champion as well as being one of the Mexicans who have scored the most goals in the world during this year. Given the lack of goals in the tricolor team, many wonder why Chicharito won't go to the World Cup?

Almost 3 years have passed since Javier Hernández “Chicharito” was not called up to the Mexican National Team, basically the entire process of Argentine coach Gerardo “el Tata” Martino. At the time, it was thought that he would not be greatly missed, considering the great moment that Raúl Jiménez was experiencing, who took his place as the main center forward. however, a terrible injury to Jimenez’s skull took him away from the courts for almost a season, and since that day things have not been the same. The numbers of the Wolverhampton striker dropped, not only in the national team but also in his team where he was already painting for an idol.

After the Jimenez incident, the search for a new scorer for El Tri began, in which opportunities came for players like Henry Martin, Santiago Jiménez, and even Rogelio Funes Mori. The result: once again they qualify for the World Cup after suffering in one of the easiest and most uneven qualifiers in the world. A good part of the problem was the lack of goals, demonstrated in several goalless draws (and against teams “lower ranked” by FIFA such as Guatemala). It was at the same time that Chicharito left Europe to go to the MLS. It seemed like the end of his career.

In his first year, he scored only two goals. He was teased by the fans and he was a little missed, there was nothing to contribute to the team. It was in 2021 that he began his rebirth: 17 goals in 21 games placed him as one of the top scorers in the league and he seemed to return to his best times. Meanwhile, the selection suffered. 

This year he scored 18 goals in MLS. Photo: Creative Commons

3 consecutive losses against the USA, another with Canada and Mexico seemed to give up its place for the CONCACAF giant once and for all. The teams from the north of the continent were now full of figures, starters in the best teams in the world and competing to win the Champions League. Everything is contrary to Mexico, which saw the decline of its best generation. The best days of Hector Herrera, Andrés Guardado, Guillermo Ochoa, and many other players who, once again, made us dream were over. And, despite their notable downturn in their way of playing, there they continue to be summoned as if playing for the national team was a gift. 

So, if these “sacred cows” who play in Mexico more for what they represented than for sporting merits are called to all the games, why does Tata ignore what Chicharito has been doing?

Various reasons are mentioned, from sporting to personal. That’s where the speculation begins: that he lost his mind since his divorce, that he was being badly advised by a life “coach”, that no one on the team likes him, that he invited some ladies to the concentration… or that Tata simply he doesn’t like it. 

From that last rumor, it has been mentioned that the player had approached the coach with the intention of smoothing things over and continuing his career in the national team but, as we have seen, these conversations did not get him to be summoned again.

With qualification for the World Cup and being drawn in one of the most difficult groups of the tournament (with Saudi Arabia, Poland, and, one of the contenders to win the World Cup, Argentina) it seemed that Chicharito’s return was inevitable, Mexico needed him. But, with the presentation of the preliminary list of summoned to the World Cup, it was confirmed that he was out of Qatar 2022. 

So why not go to the World Cup? Surely we will never know for sure, especially because these topics are usually taboo in the communication of the National Team. The only thing we hope is that we don’t miss it.


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