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No matter how they come to us, overcoming fear is a complicated thing

Fear is a limiting factor that can prevent you from achieving what you want. It distracts us and leads us to make excuses, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Learning to overcome your fears is one of the most liberating goals you can achieve.

We present some ways to overcome your fear and ensure that nothing stops you.

Identify your fears

Learning to overcome your fears is similar to any problem-solving challenge in that you must identify the problem in order to overcome it. What are you afraid of? Meditate on it for a few minutes and observe your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Write what comes up and be as specific as possible. As you find your center, you will feel stronger to face your fears.

Understand the fear 

Fear exists to keep us safe. It’s not bad or good, it’s just a tool we can use to make better decisions. It is not designed to keep us inactive, but rather to help us take action in ways that bring about the results we need and want. Accept fear as instruction and let it inform your actions, but not control them.

Facing your fears is the most effective way to overcome them. Photo: Pixabay

Think positive

Fear makes us notice and remember negative events, reinforcing our sense of terror. You can work to change that by emphasizing what is positive: the joy we feel when we see someone we love, the pleasure of a sunny day, the beauty of nature, the fun of an outing, etc.

Just relax 

Learning relaxation techniques can help with the physical and mental feelings that fear creates. Simply letting your shoulders drop and taking a deep breath can go a long way. Or, imagine yourself in a relaxing place. You can also try disciplines like yoga and meditation, or get massages.

Visualize your goals

Since you have identified the real reasons why you are holding back and you are determining what you want from life. But overcoming fears requires that you practice these habits daily so that they lead to real action. Target visualization is one of these solutions. Goal visualization establishes your focus, and where focus goes, energy flows. It can be during meditation or imagery training. The important thing is that you see yourself succeeding and you strive fully for your goal. You will educate your brain to believe that everything is possible, a key step to overcoming fears.


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