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Autumn begins! And with that, it's time to change the decorations in your home

Autumn begins! And with that, it’s time to change the decorations in your home. We have several options to give your home a new look. Beautiful and at great prices!

Autumn Ornament Wreath

Autumn colors, bright and gold This cute wreath is perfect for a hall or the front door of your house!

Buy it here!


Light up in style with these candle holders. You can accommodate them on a wall, interior, or exterior. Its baroque design gives it a touch of antiquity that your visitors will love. 

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Eucalyptus leaf wreath

Do you prefer more vivid colors? Then this wreath of white and green eucalyptus leaves is perfect for your home. It matches the season and is an item that will welcome your family. It also lights up!

Buy it here!

Indoor/Outdoor Ornament

You have all the colors, flowers, and leaves of autumn in this beautiful arrangement to hang from the ceiling of your house. You can use it indoors or outdoors and it includes everything you need to mount it.

Buy it here!

Pampas leaves

If there is an ideal decoration for autumn (and any time) that is the Pampas grass. You can put it in vases and decorations that you can put in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, wherever you want!  

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