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It is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity, producer of its own energy and winner of more than five Miss Universe contests. Without a doubt, a country with a lot to offer!

Visit Caracas, Maracaibo, Venezuela, or any country in America or the world, with offers!

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in South America is a wildlife paradise with 43 national parks representing 15 percent of the country’s land mass. In addition, it is home to impressive waterfalls and some of the most beautiful women in the world. It’s also a great place for a road trip. Curious to learn more about this beautiful and bountiful South American country? These are some of the most interesting facts about Venezuela.

The official name is the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

With a total area of ​​916,445 square kilometers, Venezuela is the 33rd largest country in the world. Located on the northeast coast of South America, 29 million people live in Venezuela. 

Venezuela is home to the largest rodent in the world.

The Capybara, also known as Chigüire, is the largest rodent in the world and is native to the Venezuelan savannas. Capybaras are friendly herbivorous animals that graze primarily on grasses, fruit, and tree bark. They are excellent swimmers and can stay underwater for up to five minutes and use this ability to escape predators. 

The cultural and natural wealth of Venezuela is impressive. Photo: Bianca Bauza

Venezuela is blessed with a magnificent and diverse geography 

It has Caribbean islands, rivers, swamps, mountains, glaciers, highlands, grasslands, deserts, canyons, plateaus, forests, and jungles. The country’s habitats range from the Andes Mountains to the tropical jungle of the Amazon basin and the Caribbean coast through the extensive plains to the Orinoco River delta. The largest lake in South America is located in Venezuela: Lake Maracaibo, 20 to 40 million years old, is also one of the oldest lakes on earth.

Its name comes from the Italian

In 1497, on his third voyage to the Americas, Christopher Columbus sailed to the Orinoco delta and declared that he had found “Heaven on Earth.” He called this region “Land of Grace” and that is still the nickname of the country. In 1499 Alonso de Ojeda’s expedition visited the coast of the country and discovered the stilt houses around Lake Maracaibo. As his navigator Amerigo Vespucci was reminded of the city of Venice, he named the region Veneziola (“Little Venice”).

Home to the tallest waterfall in the world

Angel Falls is located in the Canaima National Park in southern Venezuela and is the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world with a height of 979 meters and a drop of 807 meters. Angel Falls is one of the main tourist attractions in Venezuela, although a visit to the waterfalls is not so easy; people have to fly in a small plane, navigate in a boat or canoe, and trek through the jungle to reach the majestic falls. 

Beauty is big business in Venezuela

The Big Four are the main international beauty pageants for women: Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Earth. Venezuela has won seven Miss Universe titles, making it the second country with the most crowns. With eight wins, the United States is the country with the most Miss Universe titles. However, Venezuela has also held eight Miss International titles, six Miss World titles, and two Miss Earth titles, making it the first and only country to win all four pageants multiple times.


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