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Amazon Alexa is an amazing virtual assistant with some amazing tips and tricks up its sleeve

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With any speaker that has it, you can simply ask Alexa to, say, play a song and it will start playing. However, the most exciting part of Amazon Alexa is its ease of use; If you’re worried about doing laundry or boiling vegetables, just set a reminder and Alexa will remind you on your speaker.

So if you want to use her for fun, here are some Alexa tricks!

Sing a song

Alexa is great for playing songs of your choice from Amazon Music or Spotify, but she can also sing you a tune. Say: “Alexa, sing me a song”, and it will offer you a melody about the life of artificial intelligence. She’s got a rap ready too, just say, “Alexa, rap for me.” 

Put Alexa in your car

Alexa is a great assistant for all your smart home needs, but did you know you can use it in your car too? This will help keep your hands free while driving instead of constantly pressing buttons on the dashboard. If you already have an Echo Dot, you can connect it to your car with a USB charger. However, you will need to connect it to your phone’s hotspot for it to work. Then connect it with your car stereo via Bluetooth. Or you can use an Amazon Echo Auto, the newest way to take Alexa with you.

This wizard will make your life easier. Photo: Annette Lusina

Change Alexa’s name

Did you know that you can change the name of your Amazon Alexa? Simply go to the Alexa app settings panel and change the calling voice to Amazon or Echo. This is so fun and so easy. However, you will not be able to call Alexa, Alexa, which means that only you will be able to control the device.

Ask Alexa to tell you a joke

It’s pretty simple to say “Alexa, tell me a joke,” but if you have a particular topic in mind, Alexa will deliver. You can ask for a joke about animals, coffee, Star Trek, fall, food, zombies, ghosts, Halloween, dads, barbecue, video games, and the list goes on.

Fun facts with Alexa

Do you have a thirst for knowledge and do not care what you learn? Say: “Alexa, tell me something interesting”, and the device will pull data from your virtual hat!

Create a to-do list

How many times have you needed to buy toilet paper at the supermarket or pay a bill, and then forget because you didn’t write it down? Instead of telling yourself you’ll remember, just create a to-do list with Alexa. Say “Alexa, create a list” to get started. When you’re done, you can access them in the Alexa app or through one of your Echo devices.


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