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Discover the signs that you could be in a relationship that could be harmful to your mental and physical health

Takes you away from your loved ones

One of the main signs of a toxic relationship is that they want to get away from your loved ones or get angry when you are with them. When a person is in a healthy relationship, they try to make the other person have a close bond with them.

When a person is toxic, he will try to control who you see, he needs you to only need him and nothing else.

There is a lot of fear and mistrust

These two things should never exist in a healthy relationship since there is a lot of communication. Fear will make the person start to act in a different way to avoid conflicts.

Use emotional blackmail 

Most fights resort to emotional blackmail. If that person is the one who made a mistake, she will use blackmail to make you apologize. He will try to blame you most of the time for all his problems.

A healthy and strong relationship is based on communication as a couple. Photo: Arina Krasnikova

Highlight your flaws

This point goes very hand in hand with the previous point. Since this person always wants to be in control of you, you have to “throw flowers at you” but for that, they will first emphasize your mistakes. His technique of him? That you lose the security and self-esteem that you have in you to have control of the situation and you have a vulnerability

Minimize your feelings 

“What an exaggeration”, and “It wasn’t that bad” are some of the common phrases of this person, since he wants to change the situation and don’t make him feel bad. Your feelings are not something that matters to them

Leaving such a relationship behind is not easy. It is important that you identify all the signs well and remember, that you are not alone. It is not wrong to seek help from your loved ones or professionals


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