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When a couple becomes a family

Having children is one of the most enriching experiences a human being can have. However, this means that a couple’s romantic lifestyle must adapt and become a family-oriented lifestyle.

Many psychologists believe that it takes an average of two years for parents to adjust to this new reality. Other priorities take over—feeding the baby, learning to communicate with him or her, rocking him to sleep, changing diapers—and certain repercussions follow. All of a sudden there may be extreme fatigue, sexual frustration, and disagreements on how to raise the baby.

All this might be making you wonder if the transition to parenthood inevitably leads to a crisis. Fortunately, that is not the case. There are ways to get through this period smoothly.

Communicate effectively. Assessing the situation regularly with your partner allows you to express your feelings and needs. This is how to keep frustrations from accumulating.
Share tasks equally. Both partners have to get involved; the sharing of tasks has to be done in a balanced way. The partner who has less experience with children must be given the chance to practice!
Give yourself breaks. New parents have a lot of difficulty in giving themselves a long break from the daily routine. That is why it is preferable to take lots of short breaks. A candlelit dinner every week is more likely to happen than a romantic weekend at a hotel. Take every opportunity to express your love for your partner and talk about something other than the children.
Accept the help of friends or family. It is important to accept the help offered to you by family, neighbors, or friends. Relinquish the idea that you can do everything by yourself. Some community organizations can also help you. And don’t hesitate to consult a professional counselor or therapist if some emotional support is necessary.
Exercise. Physical activity is beneficial for the body and soul, especially for the release of stress.


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