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The secret to being a happy couple

The secret to being a happy couple

Sure, being in love can mean sharing wonderful moments, feeling loved by your partner, and starting a family together. But being happily in love is not always easy; a loving relationship requires effort and compromise. Some couples play their cards right, and some don’t.

So, how does one stay happily in love through all the turmoil of family life — children, work, finances, in-laws? How can you make your union last? Re­la­tionship experts say there are a few key things individuals can do to help their relationships stay on track.

1- Communicate your love an be honest. Think about the love you feel for your partner; ask yourself what it is about him or her that appeals to you, then talk about it. Staying positive is a boon, and a relationship grounded in gratitude is a good base for dealing with conflict later on.

2- Be trusting. Trust yourself and your partner. Lack of trust stifles relationships. Mutual trust gi­ves you both some brea­thing space. Even though you are part of a couple, you are still a living, brea­thing individual.

3- Be playful and surprise each other. Dare to have fun and laugh often with your loved one; it brings vital energy to the couple. Ask each other questions that lead to constructive and creative discussions — “What are your dreams today?” “What would your life be like if you had never met me?”

4- Focus on quality interactions rather than quantity. This is true for conversation, and is even truer for your sex life. A truly intimate moment toge­ther counts much more than frequent but un­satisfactory lo­vemaking sessions.


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