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It’s time to talk money

According to several recent surveys, money management is one of the main causes of conflict within a couple. Of course, it’s true that where finances are concerned, opinions and ways of doing things do vary. However, it is important to agree on certain points. Here are four areas that you should be sure to discuss with your partner.

1. Managing finances
When it comes to budgeting, are you more disciplined and your partner more impulsive? To avoid going into debt, it’s probably better if the more disciplined partner takes charge of managing household finances. However, that doesn’t mean not including your spouse in the decision-making process. A couple’s financial decisions should always be taken together.

2. Sharing expenses
If you don’t yet pool your money in a joint account to pay household expenses, one option is to separate expenses in proportion to the revenue of each partner. This strategy for fairness is especially suited to unmarried couples, as it prevents a situation where a lower-earning partner grows poorer while trying to make equal contributions. Other criteria should also be taken into consideration, such as traveling expenses to reach the workplace.

3. Sharing assets
The legal notion of shared property differs according to your marital status and the state you live in. Find out about your rights—what would happen in the event of a separation, a divorce, or the death of one of the partners? Seeking the advice of a legal expert ahead of time will help you protect your assets.

4. Objectives
Many studies reflect that men and women have different investment profiles; women tend to be more conservative and count on long term gains, while men tend to be more open to risk and look for more rapid returns. That is why it is crucial to discuss each other’s financial objectives, including the purchase of a home, retirement savings, and investments.



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