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5 original wedding themes

Are you planning a wedding?

If you’re currently getting ready for your big day, and looking for an original theme, here are five you may want to consider.

1. Candy

Choose decor elements in bright colors that evoke sweets, candies and pastries. You can tie this theme together by setting up a candy bar for your guests.

2. Fairy tale

Book your venue in a castle-like setting, choose an outfit worthy of royalty and arrive in a horse-drawn carriage. You could also include props from the fairy tales you love to decorate the tables.

3. Globetrotter

Incorporate suitcases, passports, airplanes and maps into table settings, photo booths and other decor. You could also decorate each table to represent a certain country or continent.

4. Rainbow

Hang origami flowers, balloons or umbrellas in an array of hues from the ceiling, and decorate your chosen venue with accessories in all the colors of the rainbow.

5. Retro

Decorate your venue with vintage accessories and second-hand furniture, and visit your local thrift store to find old-fashioned cutlery, vases, tablecloths and picture frames.

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To stock up on accessories that match your theme, contact a wedding planner or visit your local stores.


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