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Spicing up your love life


Spicing up your love life

For many a couple, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to add a bit of spice to their love life. If this is the case for you, and if you’re the daring type, here are two trends to explore as a way to revive the flames of passion.


If this term is familiar to you, you’re probably among the many lovers to have already exchanged sexts, or sexy text messages (as have nearly 80 percent of students in their early twenties, according to an American university study). Sexts are basically brief electronic messages that contain erotic expressions, images, or naughty videos aimed at arousing the passion of a partner.

Of course, sexts are far from the chaste, passionate love letters typically exchanged by faraway lovers. But in the digital era, sexts are all the rage. If you’re tempted to try it, be sure you know the other person well enough, and don’t overdo it; the main purpose of this form of communication is to pleasantly titillate the other person, not to make them feel ashamed or insulted.

Erotic reading

Leave those Harlequin romances at the library and get with the biggest trend in erotic literature ever seen: try reading the erotic/romantic trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey. A worldwide phenomenon, these suggestive books for adults have had a real impact on people wishing to spice up their love lives. They are so popular that publishers are rushing to fill bookstore shelves with similarly themed books. Any of these will be fun and exciting reading for a couple looking for new ways to play!


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