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Love relationships
Accepting our differences

What couple today hasn’t heard of the book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus?

That famous relationship handbook was such a resounding success because the author, John Gray, dared to write down in black and white a simple observation—men and women are different. Since we can’t change the gender of our spouses, the only solution is to accept who we are and who they are, inherently. And accepting our differences is the first step toward better communication within the couple.

According to experts, a very common problem resides in the fact that men and women don’t communicate in the same way. This leads to errors in interpreting what your spouse is saying, or trying to say. If one says something and the other interprets it in his or her own way, a series of misunderstandings will soon arise.

Stereotypes are persistent where men-women relationships are concerned: women criticize everything; they make things more complicated than they should be; they love to gossip; men love arguing and always want to have the last word; they want to control everything; they love competing (and winning). But if we try and put things in perspective, we see that women express how they feel and want to know what the other feels or wants. They are skilful in creating bonds with others and taking care of them. Men want to understand the role they should play within the relationship in order to be productive; they need clear answers.

The key to a flourishing relationship is communication. Partners should never stop talking, discussing, and expressing themselves. Otherwise, resentment and frustration tend to accumulate. Does the gap between you and your partner seem too wide? You feel as if you have nothing to say to each other? Couples therapy based on communication can save a lot of relationships; it’s definitely worth looking into.

Misunderstandings arise because men and women don’t communicate in the same ways.


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