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Ask the DMV – What you need to know for the travel season

Ask the DMV – What you need to know for the travel season

Whether you’re planning to travel by car or plane this holiday season, the last thing you need is added stress. In this issue of Ask the DMV, learn how you can speed up your trip with DMV’s online services, DMV NOW Kiosks, and our Business Associate Automation (BPA) program, as well as what documentation is required. you need to travel by plane.
Q1: I am planning to fly from the state where I live to another state this holiday season. Do I need a REAL ID to board domestic flights? How about entering a federal facility, like a military base?
A1: While you won’t need a REAL ID to board domestic flights or enter federal facilities this holiday season, there’s no reason to wait. The compliance date has been moved to May 3, 2023, but we encourage all Californians to get their REAL ID as soon as possible due to high demand. REAL ID appointments are available and you can also check the wait time at the DMV office online if you don’t have an appointment. Better yet – you can complete your REAL ID application online and simply complete the transaction in person at a DMV office.
To apply for a REAL ID, you will need to provide the following documents: ONE identity document that includes your date of birth and full name – such as an original or certified birth certificate, or a valid US passport. You will also need to provide TWO documents that show your name and address to prove you are a California resident. You can use cell phone or utility bills, a mortgage statement, bank statement, or even your vehicle registration. Finally, you will need to provide your FULL social security number.
Getting your REAL ID is as easy as 1-2-3. See a full list of acceptable documents and start your online application today at
Q3: My vehicle registration is expired and I don’t have time to visit the DMV before the holidays. Can I renew my registration online?
A3: Yes! Skip the lines this holiday season and renew your vehicle registration online. The DMV offers a variety of online services that make completing your DMV paperwork easy and efficient, from renewing your vehicle registration to changing your address to renewing your driver’s license – and much more! You can find a list of online services at
In addition to online services, DMV offers other methods to complete certain paperwork to help reduce your trips to the DMV and save you time this holiday season, including DMV NOW Kiosks and Business Associate Automation (BPA):

DMV kiosks are stand-alone, self-service touch-screen devices that guide you through a variety of things DMV offers, from vehicle registration renewal and payment to submitting proof of insurance. You can find a list of DMV kiosk locations at
Our Trading Partner Automation (BPA) program authorizes qualified partners to process vehicle-related transactions, including vehicle registration and titling, from their remote locations. Learn more about our BPA program and the transactions that can be processed at

For more information or answers to questions not listed here, visit


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