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Winter clothes to wear this end of the year

Chica en invierno

Winter clothes to wear this end of the year

Winter has arrived and with it, the low temperatures. To look fashionable and not freeze to death, here we will tell you which are the 5 winter clothes that cannot be missing in your wardrobe!

  • Extra-large coat: The over-size fashion is here to stay. For winter, an oversized coat that covers below the knees can be a great idea to give yourself excellent style. You can combine it with heels, give yourself an elegant look, a casual way or use it with different garments underneath.They are very versatile!
Mujer con abrigo en navidad
  • Fur coat: Of course, coats will be one of the trendiest garments during winter. The coats made with hair or in the shape of a teddy, are undoubtedly a garment that can not be missing in your wardrobe, since you can combine them as you want.
Abrigo de pelos
  • Poncho: Ponchos are not only hot, we can also find them in different designs. If what you are looking for is a Boho Chic or somewhat hippie outfit, it is undoubtedly a great option. You can buy full ponchos or open cape-style ponchos so that the clothes you bring underneath will look like this.
Chica con ruana
  • Knitted sweater: The yarn is one of the most popular textiles during winter because of how warm it is. A knitted sweater can be, without a doubt, a great garment to wear with jeans and heels, for example.
Chica con jersey
  • Flannel shirts: Flannel is another of the most pleasant and warm textiles that turn out to be for this winter. This is why a flannel shirt can be a great option. In addition, the style of these popular with hipsters makes them excellent to wear and be fashionable.
Mujer con camisa

The main reason why these garments will be in trend is the fact that they go well with other garments such as jeans, pants, dresses and blouses, as well as different types of footwear. In this way you can have the best style for this winter.


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