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4 cool facts about Thanksgiving

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are four fun facts about this iconic holiday:

1. The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted three days
The first Thanksgiving celebration took place in 1621. However, turkey was not on the menu. Instead, ducks, geese and swans are believed to have been served.

2. Americans prepare more than 46 million turkeys for Thanksgiving each year.
While turkey is not a staple in most homes, it is a huge hit around the holidays. This is probably because it is suitable for serving large groups of people.

3. America’s first turkey trot took place more than a century ago
The oldest documented turkey trot took place in Buffalo, New York, in 1896. In fact, it has become an ongoing annual event that celebrates the community and raises money for youth, families, and senior resources.

4. The first television dinner came from Thanksgiving leftovers.
In 1953, the Swanson Food Company miscalculated his Thanksgiving turkey order and ended up with thousands of pounds of extra meat. To take advantage of this surplus, the company decided to fill the aluminum trays with turkey, cornbread, peas and sweet potatoes, thus creating the first television dinner.

This year for Thanksgiving, spice up dinner by sharing some of these cool facts with your guests.


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