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How do you play the CONCACAF qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022?


How do you play the CONCACAF qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022?

Qatar 2022

To reach the World Cup, teams must face a qualification process known as World Cup qualifiers. This is because each confederation has a limited number of tickets to the World Cup. Not all countries can attend!

Here we will tell you about the CONCACAF qualifying process for Qatar 2022. We will tell you what each of the stages is about, as well as we will tell you where Mexico is going and when it will be decided who are the teams that will occupy the 3 direct tickets plus the repechage ticket.

First round

The first round is very similar to the group stage of a World Cup or the Champions League, in fact, there are those who consider this to be a mini World Cup. Here we will have the CONCACAF teams ranked from 6th to 35th place according to the FIFA ranking.

These teams will form 6 groups which will play against each other, as in the group stage of a soccer tournament. The leaders of each group, a total of 6 nations, will advance to the next qualifying round. Neither the second nor the third places advance, only the first.

Second round

In the second round, they seek to purge the qualifiers from the first round so that at the end, there are only 3 selections left. The method is by direct elimination with two games, one away and one back, so this is one of the most exciting rounds.

The modality in which they face are the leader of Group A versus the leader of Group F, the leader of B against that of E and the leader of group C against the leader of group D. The 3 winning teams go to the last phase .

Third round

This round is the so-called final octagonal and here the 3 classified leaders from round 2 participate as well as the 5 best selections in the CONCACAF ranking, the so-called TOP 5. If you add the 5 selections of the TOP with the 3 classified from round 1 and 2, you have 8 selections, that’s why the name of octagonal!

Each team will play a total of 14 matches, as it will play a first leg and a return match against all the members of the octagonal. Here they will be classified in a table, the first 3 have their ticket to Qatar and the fourth, goes to the playoff.

How is Mexico doing in the CONCACAF qualifiers?

Mexico, in the current qualifying rounds, marches as the leader of the octagonal final over countries such as the United States and Canada. This thanks to the fact that the Mexican team has had a good performance, which, although it has not been liked at all, has won.

Although it is still necessary to finish this last round since there are games scheduled until 2022, due to the delay due to the pandemic, for now Mexico is walking well. We recommend being attentive to what is coming up for the national team before Qatar 2022.


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