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Formula 1: Who will be the champion of the 2021 season?

formula 1

Formula 1: Who will be the champion of the 2021 season?

With 5 races to go to the end of the 2021 season, the fight for the Formula 1 drivers’ championship is on fire. And it is that the 7 times world champion, Lewis Hamilton, is fighting you for you with the Dutch, and promise of motorsport, Max Verstappen.

With a difference of less than 10 points, nothing is written yet. That is why here we will try to do an analysis to reveal which of the two drivers could be the F1 champion. In addition, which team would win the title of constructor of the year.

The fight for the drivers’ championship

The remaining circuits

It is no surprise that there are circuits that are more inclined to some teams and Formula 1 cars. A perfect example is found in Russia because this is Mercedes territory, the same happened with Austin because the United States GP had been dominated by Mercedes, up to now.

It is said that the Mexican Grand Prix and the Brazilian Grand Prix are Red Bull bastions as the height helps them. Of the rest of the circuits in the Middle East, everything is unknown. For all this excitement is that you must figure out how to see Formula 1.

The skill of the pilots and their cars

In addition, both the skill and expertise of the drivers, Hamilton and Verstappen, will influence the resolution of the championship. So far they have both shown great skills and exceptional handling in every race.

Another reason to watch Formula 1 live is the fact that the vehicles we see racing today are the best in history. The Mercedes W12 is the fastest car at top speed while the Red Bull RB16B has left a great taste in the mouth as one of the best cars on the grid.

And the world of constructors?

The victories of the pilots go hand in hand with the points that the constructors can obtain, although all this does not stop there. The second drivers, faithful squires, also play an important role in the fight for the championship.

In the words of Totto Wolf, director of the Mercedes team, everything could be defined by abandonment. That is why both the main drivers and the second drivers play an important role in the fight for the constructors’ world championship. The Hamilton-Bottas and Verstappen-Pérez pairs must work as a team.

Although, for now, Mercedes has an advantage of more than 20 points over Red Bull Honda, this could be cut as nothing is written between now and the end of the season. A crash, a retirement or a bad race could change the picture, shortening the distance between Red Bull and Mercedes.

And Checo Pérez?

Although the adaptation to the RB16B in this Formula 1 2021 has been difficult, it seems that Checo Pérez has come back stronger, as he says. He is currently fourth in the world and in a week comes Formula 1 Mexico with the Grand Prix of Mexico. His two podiums in a row make us excited about a spectacular finish and even a third place in the drivers’ championship, although he must first pass Valtteri Bottas.


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