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Day of the Dead in the United States: How to celebrate it?

Dia de los muertos

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The Day of the Dead is one of the most important celebrations in Mexico. And it is that November 1 and 2 are dates in which our ancestors visit us, that is why we receive them with a great banquet.

If you are not in Mexico, here we will tell you how you can celebrate the Day of the Dead in the United States. So you can continue the tradition and help it to be preserved, showing what the Day of the Dead is and how to celebrate it to your children and family.


A fundamental part of every Day of the Dead offering is food. Here you must put everything that your ancestors liked, their favorite food, typical Mexican dishes and drinks. In addition, the main attraction of an altar is precisely the gastronomic section.

Thanks to the fact that Latin culture has grown in the United States, today you can find a lot of Mexican food wherever you go. If you can’t find what your relatives liked, you can prepare it yourself! Bring out your skills as a cook or cook and relive your Mexican roots to prepare the best dishes for the Day of the Dead.

The decoration

Every alter of the Day of the Dead needs a good decoration, since this helps the spirits of our ancestors to arrive. In addition, it gives much more life to the offering, makes it happy and also gives a decorative touch to the place where we place it.

The decoration of a Day of the Dead offering is very simple. You can buy or make your own papel picado, add some ornaments allusive to catrinas and catrines, as well as flowers, candles and more. Here you must stop flying your imagination to create the best altar of all.

Cempaxúchitl flower According to the pre-Hispanic tradition, the cempaxúchitl flower represents the sor, thus creating illuminated paths that the spirits travel. If you saw Coco, you probably remember that the bridge that separated the world of spirits from that of humans was a bridge made of cempaxúchitl.

Although this flower is not available in all the United States, more and more markets are selling it, especially in neighborhoods with a Latin influence. Try to get some of these flowers to light up your altar and guide the souls that come to visit you.

Dead bread

The bread of the dead or puff pastry is a point from the gastronomy because although you can find tamales, birria or mole easily, the bread of the dead is not as widely available. Some Mexican bakeries may make this bread during these dates, but that is not certain.

Fortunately, preparing both the puff pastry or bread of the dead and the salt bread used on the Day of the Dead is very easy. You can find all the ingredients in the supermarket to bake your own bread and thus have an authentic Day of the Dead offering.


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